Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth Wright; Australian Paralympic Medallist and ABC Journalist

Elizabeth Wright is an Australian Paralympic Medallist and ABC journalist with a drive to help people understand what disability is, the issues disabled people face and how to be a better disability ally.

Elizabeth was born with limb difference and since childhood has advocated for her right to be included in mainstream schooling, in sport, at university and in the workplace. A master at reinvention and spotting allies and opportunities, since retiring from sport, Elizabeth has been an artist, academic, writer, and magazine editor.

Recently, Elizabeth moved back to Australia after 13 years in the UK, to take on a role at the ABC, her biggest challenge yet. Her experience in the UK gives her a global perspective on disability, inclusion and diversity, a perspective that is key to the work she does now.

Elizabeth uses her lived experience to educate and challenge those across education and business sectors, providing practical tips and know-how on how to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace, organisation, or school.

A storyteller at heart, Elizabeth inspires positive social change and illustrates how supporting all people in our communities leads to a more thriving society. She demonstrates that allyship is the way forward if we are to be more inclusive of disabled people, both through accessibility and representation.

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