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Lisa Cox; TEDx Speaker

By combining her professional background and lived experience, Lisa Cox brings a unique perspective, professional expertise, and personal experience to each custom-curated presentation she delivers.

Medically speaking, Lisa died multiple times, but the internationally acclaimed TEDx speaker, author and media professional is living proof that you can be faced with some of the most challenging personal and professional obstacles and still go on to thrive and lead a life you love.

Lisa was a successful copywriter, with two university degrees, working with a host of corporate clients when life took an unexpected turn in 2005 After spending over a year in hospital and undergoing countless operations, including multiple amputations, Lisa taught herself how to type again (minus nine fingertips and part of her eyesight). As they say, once a writer, always a writer!

Today, Lisa’s work is published in national and international publications and she consults to business, industry, government, and others who want to know more about how to best include disability in their content and practices but aren’t sure where to start.

As an advertising industry insider, Lisa has the ability to wear ‘two hats’ simultaneously. That of the passionate disability advocate and that of the agency creative or business strategist with an eye on the ROI.

Having spent the first part of her life without disabilities, Lisa understands how it can feel when you want to say the right thing but don’t want to offend or fear getting it wrong. Having this empathetic connection with her audience has helped to lessen the discomfort in conversations about DEI. Lisa helps her audience to navigate the nuances of disability inclusion without shame and with practical solutions.

Whether you are curating speakers for a conference, you want to inspire your executive team or motivate an entire company, Lisa Cox can take your audience on a journey they’ll never forget – and leave them excited, motivated and informed about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as an individual professional and part of a bigger team.

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